A Thousand Words Paints A Picture ….

Mitch + Krystal - Anniversary

Mitch surprised Krystal with this amazing canvas print on their 1st wedding anniversary.  His wedding vows to her make this a truly one of a kind gift that she will treasure forever.

Mitch called with a fantabulous idea, some ideas he found on the Internet, his wedding vows to his wife Krystal, an amazing wedding photo, and a desire to surprise his wife in a few days with a really special and unique anniversary gift.

We LOVE these types of projects.  After all our slogan is … serving the Artist in You!  You have the best ideas which are fueled by your inspiration – your life, and the people you love.  Our photo artists love to get these special requests and we always go the extra mile to make sure your canvas art print is exactly what you envisioned.

Your inspiration + Our quality product and photo artists = Canvas Art Gifts To Dazzle

Call or email today with your inspiration.  We can’t wait to help you make your canvas art creations.






Whether you carry an iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, or today’s latest and greatest smart phone or tablet – chances are you are capturing life’s best memories every day.  We can help turn those snapshots into amazing canvas prints.

While the quality of the images you are capturing may not be the greatest – it doesn’t mean your special memories can’t be turned into BIG (or small) canvas keepsakes.  Our PhotoArtists will work one on one with you to help create a truly one of a kind canvas print – no matter the quality of your image.

bball pic10 year old Eric snapped this photo of a baseball on an iPad.  Eric’s dad Matt wanted to do something special and BIG with the photo and contacted us.  The quality of the photo really didn’t translate well to the 40″ x 40″ canvas print Eric’s dad wanted to create.  Our PhotoArtist applied a modern painting effect which transformed the iPad photo into a truly outstanding work of canvas art.

Eric's iCanvas Art

Click on the image to see the oil painting detail. Too cool!

As a finishing touch Eric’s dad had him sign the finished canvas print.

photo 1What works of art are waiting on your digital device to become a truly one of a kind canvas print?  At Creative Imaging Studios we care about your memories and will work closely with you to create the most amazing canvas artwork from your favorite memories.  Unleash the artist in you!

March special – 20% off your phone or tablet images printed onto canvas.  Just mention promo code iCanvas20 in the notes field of your order.

Art That Speaks….

What’s in a word?  Did you ever consider that your favorite quotes, poem’s, song’s, and sayings could also be amazing artwork?  Check out these examples of the spoken word printed onto canvas….

This black and white print on our museum quality canvas is stunning.  The elaborate font creates a beautiful piece of art all in itself.  You don’t even have to read the amazing prose to enjoy the beauty of the words.  We suggested a painting effect for the highlighted photo as it was very small and old – the color was boosted and the end result was very artsy.  This piece was printed onto our canvas, hand glazed, and hand stretched.  The client received the canvas print ready to hang with mounting hardware already installed.  This is a perfect example of your memories, your vision, your favorite words, combined onto a canvas masterpiece that you will treasure forever.

Melissa wanted to create a special gift for her boyfriend’s birthday.  She combined photos that had special meaning with poem’s they had written for each other.  Our PhotoArtist helped out with a color scheme and layout…the result…this truly unique canvas art print.  This one of a kind gift will be treasured forever and Melissa truly understood how the written word can translate into art.

At Creative Imaging Studios we embrace the opportunity to collaborate with you on your one of a kind project.  Our PhotoArtists will work with you to create exactly the feeling and look you are envisioning.  We can do as much or as little of the graphic layout as you would like and we are always happy to search for custom embellishments and graphics to enhance the “story” you are trying to tell.  We will even search for custom fonts to transform your written words into true pieces of art.  When you trust us to provide your canvas printing we really go the extra mile to make sure your expectations are not just met – we want to surpass them!

We use only the finest quality products when creating your canvas photo prints.  Our canvas is museum quality and serves up eye popping color and amazing clarity.  We hand glaze every canvas print for a soft lustre that not only protects the print from harmful UV rays, dust, and moisture, but adds a subtle sheen that is truly beautiful.

We understand that printing your photos onto canvas is an investment and we guarantee your satisfaction.  Our PhotoArtists are here to guide you, help you, and make sure you are 100% satisfied with your piece of canvas artwork.

Looking for a giclee printer…look no further.  We are the little guys and that means we serve up BIG value.  You won’t be disappointed when you invite us to partner with you on your canvas prints.

Looking for large scale photo printing on other custom papers – we have those too!  Metallic paper, matte paper, fabric, re-positionable substrate, etc.  While we specialize in printing photos to canvas, we can do it all!

Canvas Collage Extravaganza!!!

Who says you have to pick one favorite photo for that special canvas printing project? That’s so yesterday….

Let’s use a BUNCH of your favorite photos to create a Canvas Photo Collage!

In celebration of YOU we are offering 40% off a 16×16 photo collage printed to canvas through September 15th!!

Jessie's Most Excellent Christmas Gift

Jessie wanted to do something special for her BFF’s Christmas gift. This photo collage captured some of their favorite memories. Needless to say….Ali loved it.

Just because we are Canvas Print Artists doesn’t mean we have our head in the clouds… we get it… it’s more of an investment that printing your favorite photos off on your home inkjet printer.  When you are ready to purchase your custom canvas print it can be stressful picking that one special photo – after all you want to get the best value when printing on canvas.  Well, we’re here to convince you that you don’t have to pick just one!!  That’s right…our Photo Artists are ready to help you create the coolest photo collage to print to canvas.

At Creative Imaging Studios we are eager to collaborate with you to create a one of a kind showcase of your favorite memories.  Our PhotoArtists will do as much or little of the design as you want them to.  We can add special touches with digital graphics and add special quotes and messages to the sides of the print as well – for no additional cost.  We feel so confident that you will be thrilled with your custom canvas photo collage that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!!

BFF’s all through high school – Katie, Ally, and Mackenna HAD to share a graduation party. We were lucky enough to help them put together photo collage layouts to display at their graduation party…..hardly a dry eye in the house ❤

If you are looking for a special gift to celebrate some of your best memories we hope you will consider one of our fine canvas prints.  We use the finest canvas for our giclee prints.  Our Epson printers and state of the art ink combine to produce eye popping color.  Each canvas printing project is assigned to a PhotoArtist that will work with you step by step to ensure that your canvas photo print project is exactly what you are looking for.

A celebration of passion – this print commemorated a friend’s passion for skiing. A simple 4 panel collage gave the clean lines and a cool blue vibe. – It was a hit!

Whether you want to include a lot or a few of your favorite photos when creating your photo collage to canvas our Photo Artist will help you achieve the look you want.  From simple to complex your photos will come across in vibrant color and superb clarity. Choose us to print your photos to canvas and you won’t be disappointed.

We are the Little Guys and that give you BIG Value!!

In celebration of YOU we are offering 40% off a 16×16 photo collage printed to canvas through September 15th!!

Use Promo Code: CollageDaze

Pop Your Art!!

We received the most amazing project and had to share it with you!  Troy Warwick sent us his digital pop art to print to canvas – and it blew us away.  We’ve seen a lot of pop art projects over the years but this one is really cool.  Check out the details on each of the panels… it takes a LOT of creativity to create a work of art of this caliber.

I got the canvas in the mail today – it turned out perfect! I am really impressed. Thank you for your service!

– Troy Warwick

At Creative Imaging Studios we take pride in our work which translates to premium quality for you.  When you order a custom canvas print from us our PhotoArtists will work with you to ensure you are 100% satisfied.  Our Satisfaction Guarantee makes ordering your custom canvas print from us an easy and stress free experience.

Our top of the line canvas and ink come together to create a symphony of color and clarity that is unparalleled.  Our canvas prints are the best quality at an affordable price.  We are the little guys and that gives you BIG value.  We are the perfect match for everyone – the high tech skilled artist like Troy and the single finger typist that asks the neighbor kid to help attach a file to an email.

If you want to have your photos or custom artwork printed onto canvas  – give us a try.  We are confident you’ll be a pleased with our service and quality as Troy was.  And in honor of Troy’s amazing pop art project we are extending a digital art special for August.  Print any of  your digital art projects to canvas during the month of August and we’ll give you a 25% discount.





Painted Memories

“Those Eyes”

“Those Eyes Closeup”

You know how when you remember back on a moment it gets that kind of old time movie glow?  Our favorite memories get that kind of romantic hazy and perfect look when we close our eyes and remember back.  The sun seems brighter, the colors more vibrant, everything just seemed to look – fantastic…

You can translate that perfect memory look when you print your photos to canvas too.  A photo printed on canvas is a perfect way to capture those favorite moments for you and your loved ones.  With technology today it is a breeze to add a special touch to your photo printed on canvas.

At Creative Imaging Studios our PhotoArtists will transform your photos into fantastical works of art by applying special filters and effects.  We can make your photos look paintings – from highly stylized artistic renditions to a soft and romantic watercolor effect.  You will receive one on one attention from our professional PhotoArtists – we’ll end you several proofs and work with you until you are happy with the result.

“Beach Beauty”
Before & After

“Beach Beauty Closeup”

As with all of our photo printed to canvas projects, when we transform your photos into spectacular “paintings” we will use the finest canvas, giclee ink, kiln dried stretcher bars, and hand glaze and stretch your canvas print.  We are the little guys that bring BIG value.  We never cut corners when it comes to quality and value.  At Creative Imaging you can actually pick up the phone and talk with your PhotoArtist.  We’ll walk you through the process whether you are a first timer at printing your photos to canvas or a pro; you won’t find better quality and service than at Creative Imaging Studios.

We understand that printing your photos to canvas is a big deal and we take it as seriously as you do.  When you are choosing a company to do your canvas photo processing and printing please consider us.

As a special incentive in the month of August we’re offering 35% off of your photo printed to canvas when you add a painting effect.

Photobooth – Not just for the fridge :) Print BIG Canvas prints to add a dash of mad fun to your favorite places. Thanks Pinterest!

Colleen’s Filmstrip Canvas

When Colleen contacted us with the idea of turning her 1″ x 4″ photo booth filmstrip into a large gallery wrap canvas we were excited to work on the project.  We scanned and enlarged the image to 1′ by 4′ and applied our free PhotoRX to remove a few scratches.  A classic black border was added to complete the look.  Check out the finished product above.  What a great way to show off your sense of fun and whimsy!  Colleen got the idea from Pinterest and we were happy to help her create her one of a kind canvas print.

Have you been inspired by something you would like to personalize on Pinterest?  Send us a link and chances are we can help you create your own custom canvas print from your inspiration.  We know you will be pleased with the finished result just like Colleen was.  We take great pride in our work – we won’t sell it to you if we don’t think it is perfect.  We use only the finest canvas, ink, and wood stretcher bars when we create your giclee canvas print.  We hand stretch our canvas prints to ensure that they are tight and a true museum quality.

At Creative Imaging Studios we want to partner with you to turn your ideas into actual museum quality canvas prints.  We are the little guys and that means BIG value.  Plus if you are in the Phoenix area we welcome you to stop by our studio and visit with us just like Colleen and her boyfriend did.  We scanned their photo booth filmstrip while they waited and worked on the final composition together.  Collaboration is one of the best parts of what we do – we want to hear your story and help translate it into the best quality canvas print you will find.

We look forward to seeing your ideas and helping bring them to life.  Until then…Happy Pinning 🙂